Support and advice to cut down or stop

If your drinking is at the increasing or high risk level we recommend you cut down. All these services can help.

1. iHEAR Partnership 

iHEAR is the adult drug and alcohol service for Hounslow, delivered by Cranstoun in partnership with Surrey & Borders Partnership NHS Foundation Trust. These two national organisations have over 40 years experience of providing quality services.  Their services are available to anyone aged 18 and over, living in Hounslow.

2. Join Drink Checker 

Join the Drink Checker Challenge to set yourself goals to cut down, keep track of your drinking and see how much you save each week. You can also receive regular tips by text or email. 

3. Use our tips and tricks to cut down

Learn the secrets of cutting down with our tips and tricks - and follow our Go Slow plan for a hangover free night out.  

4. Speak to a specialist Alcohol Counsellor

Send a confidential email to Alcohol Health Network and we'll put you in touch with one of our counsellors, or find alcohol counselling services here.

5. Get support from a self-help group 

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) iThis is a mutual aid support group that offers regular meetings for drinkers whether in treatment or recovery, or not. The only requirement for a person to attend an AA meeting is the desire to stop drinking. Visit the AA website or call the London AA information line 020 7833 0022. 

Smart Recovery UK is also a network of free self-help groups. It believes change comes about through motivation, behavior change and self-learning.

Al-Anon Family Groups offer support and understanding to the families and friends of problem drinkers, whether they're still drinking or not.

6. Get advice from Drinkline 

This is the national Telephone Helpline for anyone concerned about their drinking - Tel. 0800 917 8282 - with information and help to callers worried about their own drinking, as well as advice and support to family and friends 



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Further help online

Down Your Drink

Specialist website aimed at heavy drinkers with web-based counselling - Down Your Drink has been designed by doctors at University College London


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